Tapas €3

…in small doses the world is more beautiful!!!!!!!!!

 Tomato and basil

Lard of Colonnata Honey and Pecorino

Smoked sausage, ricotta fresh cheese and fennel

Iberian Pata Negra

Mortadella with truffles

Cantabrian anchovy and butter

Creamed cod

Smoked prawns and caramelized red onion 


To share 6 €

Gorgonzola cream creamed with Champagne and fresh Ricotta

 Smoked Tomato and Basil


Fried dumplings (6 pcs.)

Papas Brave


Iberian Pata Negra served with toasted bread


Roverone salami


Mortadella Lodigiana Tartufata


Selection of cured meats from the wine shop

Lodigiano seasoned raw ham, truffled wild boar mortadella, Pata Negra, Roverone salami


Cured meats and cheeses

Cremonese salami, Coppa, truffled mortadella, Lodi seasoned raw Ham

Gorgonzola DOP, Taleggio DOP, Grana Padano

€ 30


Beef Tartare

 . Oil, Salt, Lemon

€ 15

. Mustard sauce and Grana flakes

€ 15

Grilled Beef-BBQ

Cut of Prussian fillet

 the courses are accompanied by rustic baked potatoes

  Grilled       or     Chateaubriand Style

  200 g.                  400 g.                  600 g.

 € 25                    € 50                     € 70


Prussian beef Fillet (200 gr.) Voronoff style

accompanied rustic baked potatoes

€ 29


 Entrecôte of Argentine beef

accompanied by rustic baked potatoes

300 g. €27

600 g. €54


Entrecôte of Argentine Beef

 Cold smoked

accompanied by rustic baked potatoes

300 g. €29

600 g. €58


Italian red spotted

meat with high marbling and 50 days of maturation

the courses are accompanied by rustic baked potatoes


    1.1 kg of Pezzata Rossa beef rib



 1,1 kg Florentine of Pezzata Rossa 



Chef’s dishes 

Tuscan-style veal liver pâté croutons

to share

€ 7

Veal marrow with tuna roe

€ 8


Risotto alla Milanese with Saffron

served with stewed veal ossobuco and gremolada

€ 25

French Onion Soup

au gratin, with fresh cream on top and served with toasted bread

€ 15

Trippa alla Milanese with Borlotti beans and Cannellini beans

€ 15

Pork knuckle cooked in Marsala Florio served in its sauce

accompanied by Mashed Potatoes Robuchon Style

€ 20

Chicken boneless thigh

cooked at low temperature and grilled accompanied by rustic baked potatoes

€ 15 

Selected meats from Ridings Reserve

Carefully selected premium British beef from the best prime British cattle.

Ensuring each cut has the perfect amount of fat coverage, conformation, and

gustatory quality for an incomparable taste

Tomahawk steak

served with baked potatoes

€8.50 per € minmum 1 kg.

Sliced ​​South American Sirloin in Tuscan style

the courses are accompanied by rustic baked potatoes

•Ancient with Butter, Rosemary and Green Pepper

•At Thyme

•At Voronoff

  200 gr.              400 gr.            600 gr.

€ 18                   €34                €48


Side Dishes   € 5

Spinach sautéed with garlic, oil and chilli

Rustic baked potatoes Rustic fried potatoes

Grilled vegetables

Mixed salad

Water 2 € Coffee 2 €

Service 3 €


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